steve carell the office 320 'The Office' recap: Schr�dinger's Fianc�eEveryone knows that Holly gave A.J. an ultimatum before the new year, so the only question is whether she’ll come back to the office single or engaged. Michael prepares for every eventuality except the most likely one — and the one that ends up happening — which is that it’s neither. No ring, but she backed down. Michael’s spiral is predictable, but more on that in a minute.

With Jim inexplicably out of the office for the day, nobody’s around to talk Pam out of her stupid, stupid idea to have everyone post their New Year’s resolutions on a big board. Dwight and then Andy resolve to “meet a loose woman,” which at least gets them out of the office for a while, and Darryl indulges in a secret, shameful purchase at the bookstore: an e-reader.

The thing with resolutions goes south really quick, but it’s accelerated by Michael’s anger at people “not following through.” Even Holly knows that’s really about her, and isn’t swayed even when Michael apologizes to her through Creed and Kevin, the same way he attacked her through them. But in the end, she follows through after all — the episode closes with her and A.J. on a break. And she doesn’t seem too broken up about it, either.

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