darryl the office 'The Office' recap: The Away TeamPam’s back from maternity leave — and so is Angela, since just because their respective pregnancies are over doesn’t mean Angela’s attempts to make Pam feel inferior are. In actual news, Andy informs Dwight that he’s been chosen by Corporate to select a team to take to Tallahassee for three weeks to come up with some Sabre stores. Dwight is of course over the moon about this, but the first team he chooses doesn’t fly with Andy. And Andy’s selections don’t fly with the employees who don’t get to go. So it’s back to the drawing board, this time with input from the employees who want to pitch their reasons for going.

Jim, mind you, is not on anyone’s list, because he wants to stay with his wife and newborn baby, Andy considers him too essential to Scranton, and Dwight considers him Jim. Yet he’s getting enigmatic texts from Robert California alluding to the fact that Robert seems to expect him to come down. Even after spending all morning with Pam trying to draft texts politely declining the invitation, Jim eventually gives in and joins the away team, which will also include Stanley, Kathy the temp, Ryan, and Erin — who, still heartbroken about Andy and Jessica, tells us that she doesn’t plan to come back.

Darryl has received a Valentine’s Day present from Val: a knitted beanie. Unclear on the meaning of the gift, Darryl decides to try to get clarification by responding with a more romantic gift, only to see beanies on everyone in the warehouse, whereupon he finds himself presenting Nate the half-deaf warehouse worker with a pair of cashmere gloves. Worse, he fields a phone call from Val’s boyfriend, wanting to send her flowers at work. But then, Val tells Darryl the flowers were from her mom, so Darryl decides that Val’s unwillingness to tell Darryl she’s in a relationship means she secretly loves him. Okay then.

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