john krasinski office 320 'The Office' recap: Twelve Old Dogs, No New TricksIt’s another all-staff event outside the office, and this time it’s a fundraiser for local dog shelters, hosted by Angela’s husband the state senator. Andy’s still fired, but he shows up anyway as Erin’s date, quickly making everyone uncomfortable with his manic insistence that he’s doing great. Despite his cheerful fa�ade, he’s clearly still feeling a great deal of animosity towards Robert for firing him, and as the evening progresses, he ends up adopting twelve elderly, special-needs dogs just to show Robert up.

Other staff members are keeping busy, too. Nellie tries to bond with Darryl over tacos, for which he laughs at her but later gives her credit for trying. Dwight thinks the silent auction is like a game from The Price is Right in which he can win the items simply by correctly guessing their prizes, and doesn’t realize his mistake until the end of the evening when he learns he just donated thirty-four grand. And Jim and Pam humor Oscar, who thinks the state senator just hit on him. Until he realizes he didn’t. Until the state senator possibly hits on him again.

While learning about all the incredibly high maintenance that his new wolfpack will call for, Andy admits to his friends that he’s just trying to convince everyone that he’s okay. We got that, thanks. Too bad so many others had to suffer for us to get that point across, not least of all the dogs.

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