ed helms the office 'The Office' recap: UnmannedAndy’s back, and he wants his office back, but Nellie’s not giving it up. And Robert isn’t backing up Andy, because he still wants to get into Nellie’s pants. And neither is Angela, who as head of accounting is willing to dock Andy’s pay on Nellie’s orders. All this causes Andy to suddenly remember the anger issues that got him sent to counseling half a decade ago, and the next day it turns out that his workplace defeat has had consequences in the bedroom. Word of this development gets back to Nellie, who tries to help Andy out by having an employee meeting about impotence. Which is not as helpful as she might have hoped.

Also, Kelly and Ryan have broken up again, and Pam has set her up with her and Jim’s pediatrician, Ravi. As before, Ryan can’t stand to see Kelly happy with anyone else, so he makes what is, for him, a heroic bid to win Kelly back. Which doesn’t work… almost.

Andy’s frustration finally causes him to snap, as he and Erin throw a joint hissy fit and he ends up re-punching the same wall he perforated five years ago. After that meltdown, Robert has no choice but to tell Andy that he’s making Nellie the permanent manager and shunting Andy back down to sales. Andy’s calmed down now, and his answer is no. Robert fires him, but at least Andy has recovered his manhood. In more ways than one.

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