office training day 320 'The Office' recap: Will to PowerSo with Michael leaving, there’s going to be a new manager. And for reasons that defy explanation (not that one is even offered), Sabre has hired a new guy from outside the company. His name is Deangelo Vickers and he’s played by Will Ferrell, which sadly is about as funny as this episode gets. Seriously, I laughed more at the first two minutes of Parks & Rec than I did at this whole episode. Predictably, Michael is soon threatened by Deangelo’s popularity (confusing “popularity” with “being someone everybody feels the need to suck up to”) and the changes he wants to make. Equally predictably, Michael soon causes things to devolve into a pissing match which he brings to a head with a grand, immature gesture. Fortunately, Deangelo proves to be the bigger man, and Michael is able to start letting go. He probably should have let go less than a minute into that awkward hug, though.

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