We’re well into Season 9 of “The Office” now, but the show is pausing to look back at last season, via this remix video.

So get ready to revisit Andy (Ed Helms) stripping down for his tattoo, Jim (John Krasinski) looking like an extra on “A Clockwork Orange” during his Pyramid presentation and Stanley (Leslie David Baker) telling you once more to “shove it up your butt.” Look closely and you’ll even see Robert California (James Spader) show up again.

It’s all set to a staccato, re-re-remix beat.

Season 8 was not always “The Office” at its best, but the video shows a lot of very good little moments that came out of it. We’ll never get tired of seeing Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) tear-away suit, for instance, and Nellie (Catherine Tate) trying to eat a taco is pretty great too.

Hit play to experience it all again.

Posted by:Rick Porter