Bjnovak So, yeah, I guess some of you saw my Facebook status update saying I was on the set of "The Office"'s 100th episode this week… and while there's some really good stuff on tap for that ep, I have to stay fairly far away from the big spoilers for now. However, I don't see the harm in answering a few of your queries on what I spied and heard…

Korbs, 100th episode "Office" scoop. Now. -Marisela

Well, since you asked so nicely, it looks like both Ryan and Pam will be back at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton by this year's season finale. I don't want to say too much, but the 100th ep/season ender is all about a company-wide D-M picnic and I spotted both Beasley and blondie (yep, he's still doing the blonde thing… Mindy Kaling's brilliant idea, btw) in Scranton-colored t-shirts (each branch was sporting a different hue). FYI, there was no sign of Michael in the scene that I saw filmed. I'm thinking The Michael Scott Paper Company was having its own two-person shindig in the woods somewhere. Perhaps Vikram reenlisted…

Amyryan How long is this Michael Scott Paper Company crap gonna last? -Paul
As I said, I didn't spot Scranton's former fearless leader in the scene being filmed this week. However, when Steve Carell came up to do press later, he was wearing a Scranton tee like most of the other cast members… but I don't know if that was just to throw us off or what. I mean, maybe he wasn't in the scene I saw because he was off behind some tree making out with Holly… Remember, Amy Ryan will be back for this episode.

Any "Office" scoop? -Nikki
We haven't seen the last of Kevin's girlfriend this year. Brian Baumgartner told me so. He also said the finale facilitates the return of several familiar faces… some we know well, some we may have spotted in background scenes here or there over the seasons. Makes sense given the premise of the ep…

Idriselba I heart Idris Elba (Charles Miner) on "The Office." OMG. OMG. OMG. -Denise

I have to tell you, seeing him in person, I started to feel like Kelly Kapoor and Angela Martin fused and infiltrated my soul. I actually had a very nice chat with him and his British accent… uh huh, I chatted with his accent, that's what I said. Anyway, yeah, this went down at the 100th episode party and, unlike Michael, he was in the picnic scene I saw filmed. But he was sporting a black New York branch tee, so I guess Charles Miner's days in Scranton are numbered.

How great was the Andy-Dwight battle of the bands on "The Office" last week? More of that coming up? -Meesh
Not this year. Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms told me that, given how successful their first musical performance was, they definitely want to see that side of Andy and Dwight again, but they don't want to overdo it, so they're thinking season 6. Oh, and by the way, though it looks as though Pam will be back at Dunder-Mifflin next month, the new receptionist/apple of Andy & Dwight's eye seems to be sticking around as well.

Angelakinsey Can you give me some "Office" couples news? -Patty
As if my speculation over Michael and Holly making out isn't enough, I'll add these treats: B.J. Novak told me Ryan will definitely be puttin it down for Kelly, we just don't know if she'll be pickin' it up… I'm gonna go with yes. Also… wait for it… Angela Kinsey told me Dwight is totally Angela's true love and the two of them will be talking again by season's end.


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