How good are you at reading pixellated lips? If you’re really, really good, you might be able to decipher what Ed Helms has to say about the new branch manager at “The Office” near the end of the video above.

Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for your first look at James Spader on the set as a full-time cast member and the rest of the cast’s assessment of their new co-star. In short: They like him.

Spader, for his part, really likes his character’s name, Robert California, and seems to be enjoying his role so far — which seems to involve being very, very different from Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and seeing how that affects the Dunder Mifflin team.

As for the identity of the branch manager, that will remain secret until the season premiere of “The Office” on Thursday, Sept. 22. 

Posted by:Rick Porter