We’re not really buying the premise of NBC’s promo campaign for Season 8 of “The Office.” But we like it anyway.

The network is telling us we’ll “find out who the new boss is” in the season premiere Sept. 22. Technically, that’s correct — the identity of the new branch manager in Scranton is being kept quiet. But that’s almost a secondary concern at this point. The show’s producers have been pretty open about the fact that James Spader, the star of the promo above, is the new CEO of Sabre, and we’re curious to see how the entire staff reacts to him, not just the new manager.

So why are we OK with it? Because it gives us the full Spader, in all his weird, intense glory. There’s no new footage in the 60-second spot, but it uses his guest appearance in last season’s finale to very good effect. (This one is a little less effective, since it focuses more on the branch-manager question.)

What do you think of the promo? And by the way, who do you want to see as the new branch manager?

Posted by:Rick Porter