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The regular TV season has come to a close, and while some finales have got us talking more than others (like that heartbreaking and awesome “House” ep), we still have a lot to say, so this week, we’ve selected a few series and will compare their 2010 season ender to their 2009 season ender.

We’ll tell you which hour we feel was better, but we’ll also have you vote on which one you think was tops.

So, without further ado, “The Office”

“Company Picnic” (2009): After a funny cold open in which the entire office conspired to convince Michael that it was 5 p.m. so they could all punch out early, we arrived at the Dunder Mifflin company picnic where Michael and Holly were reunited for the first time since their split. The former couple performed a wildly inappropriate sketch in front of the entire DM family — spouses and children included — that ended with Michael breaking the news that an entire branch of employees was getting laid off. 

Oh, and we also found out that Holly has a new boyfriend. But Michael, instead of losing his mind, decided he would wait for her. As long as it takes. Aww.  

Meanwhile, Charles (Idris Elba) acted like a real buttface during the volleyball tournament as Pam wiped the floor with him. When she hurt her foot, however, Jim had to take her to the hospital where they learned she was pregnant.

“Whistleblower” (2010): Sabre CEO Jo Bennett arrived in Scranton to figure out who told the press about the company’s printers catching on fire. Suspicion immediately fell on Andy… who totally did it. But so did five other Dunder-Mifflinites. Kelly Tweeted it. Obv. Darryl told some ugly chick at the bar. Pam told another parent at Daycare, because she had nothing else of interest to contribute. And former DM head honcho, David Wallace, may or may not have mentioned it to a bunch of clients, ha. 

Andy did take the fall for it though, but there were no consequences — except that his actions totally turned Erin on, so he might get laid. Michael smoothed things over with Jo by taking responsibility in front of the press and she hinted that she might transfer Holly back to Scranton. 

Elsewhere, we learned that Ryan Howard — the man behind Dunder Mifflin’s former online community (which was overrun by pedophiles) — has created the “last word in social media”: Woof. Also, IT Nick called out our favorite warehouse guy for lying about his own internet activities: “Darryl, you’re on Facebook! Why do you tell people you’re not on Facebook? People want to be your friends.”

Our pick: 2009, of course. There were some LOL moments in “Whistleblower.” Woof got us. And IT Nick’s facebook expose earned a chuckle, as did all the different ways in which the various players outed the printer scandal. But there was more funny in “Company Picnic” and Pam’s pregnancy reveal was kind of epic for longtime fans. Plus, the chemistry between Michael and Holly is hard to ignore. 
Agreed? Or no?

Vote below and make sure to defend your choice in the comments section.
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