Robert California has thus far caused nothing but discomfort for the staff of “The Office,” but the crew in Scranton may finally be finding a bit of common ground with him.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday’s (Nov. 10) episode, Robert (James Spader) finds Andy (Ed Helms), Darryl (Craig Robinson) and Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) jamming in the warehouse with their band, which is either unnamed or, if you listen to Kevin, called Kevin and the Zits. Shockingly, Robert asks if he can sit in with them.

There’s a bit of awkwardness when Kevin offers Robert a questionable instrument to play — but fortunately Robert has a harmonica in his car.

Thursday’s episode is called “Pam’s Replacement,” and it also features Pam (Jenna Fischer) training her temporary replacement (guest star Linsdey Broad) before she goes on maternity leave. She also enlists Dwight (Rainn Wilson) to help prove that Jim (John Krasinski) thinks Broad’s character is pretty. Careful there, Pam.

“The Office” airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter