rainn wilson the office nbc 'The Office' spinoff seeks its cast: Meet Dwight Schrute's siblingsIf the Dwight-focused “Office” spinoff goes ahead at NBC, we’ll soon be seeing several more Schrutes on the air.

Zap2it has obtained the casting breakdown for four series regulars who will join Dwight (Rainn Wilson) on the show, which has Dwight and his siblings inheriting a large family farm and bed & breakfast — provided Dwight can convince his brother and sister to join him.

That may not be super-easy. According to the casting notes, Dwight’s sister Fannie left the Schrute fold as soon as she could and has been living in Boston. Her personality is pretty much the opposite of Dwight’s — she’s described as “grounded with a smart, ironic sense of humor and a great heart.” She also has a 9-year-old son, Cameron, who’s described as a “weird ‘Rushmore’-like kid,” and sounds reminiscent of Manny from “Modern Family.”

The spinoff cast will also include Dwight’s great uncle Heinrich Manheim, who embodies the sketchy German past Dwight has often alluded to on “The Office,” and goofball brother Jeb, who’s been running a pot farm in California. Jeb sounds a bit like a substitute for cousin Mose, who’s played by Mike Schur — who already has a job as the showrunner of “Parks and Recreation.”

What do you think of the character descriptions? Who do you see playing the parts?

Posted by:Rick Porter