steve carell james spader 'The Office': Steve Carell gives thumbs up to James SpaderThe new boss at “The Office” has the support of the old boss.

James Spader is joining the “Office” cast in the fall as the new CEO of Sabre, Dunder Mifflin’s parent company. The man he’s more or less replacing, Steve Carell, approves.

“I think it’s an excellent choice,” Carell tells “Access Hollywood.” “I think it’s great, and he will infuse all this new energy into the show.”

Carell appeared on “Access” Monday (July 18) to promote his movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” which hits theaters July 29. He says he’s kept in touch with his former co-workers on “The Office” and that the mood on set is upbeat going into the show’s first full season without him; Michael Scott left Scranton a few episodes before the end of last season to be with his soulmate Holly (Amy Ryan).

“In talking to the cast, everyone’s very excited, and I know it’ll be a good season,” Carell says.

“The Office” premieres Sept. 22 on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter