steve carell office finale runs long 'The Office': Steve Carell's farewell will run long“The Office” will take a little extra time to say goodbye to Steve Carell on April 28.

NBC says that Carell’s last episode — which is now only 17 days away — will run from 9 to 9:52 p.m. ET on the 28th. The network will also air a longer-than-usual “Parks and Recreation” that night; it will air from 9:52 to 10:30 p.m., followed by a regular-length “30 Rock” at 10:30. (Sorry, “Outsourced”; you won’t be part of Carell’s farewell night.)

The April 28 episode will be the conclusion of a two-part story (appropriately titled “Goodbye Michael”) that begins the previous week. As Michael (Carell) puts in his last day in Scranton, he hopes for a day without drama so he can say goodbye to everyone. (Considering that he’s the cause of much of the drama at Dunder Mifflin, that might not fly so well.) Meanwhile, Andy (Ed Helms) and new manager Deangelo (guest star Will Ferrell) try to keep several of Michael’s biggest clients from leaving Dunder Mifflin as well.

The “Parks and Rec” episode airing that night is called “Jerry’s Painting” and involves resident sad sack Jerry (Jim O’Heir) entering a painting in a local art show. We’ve seen his lovely landscape work before (Leslie tossed one of his canvases into the river in the season premiere), but this one apparently causes a little bit of controversy.

And no, this probably doesn’t mark the return of “super-sizing” to NBC’s Thursday comedy lineup. The network hasn’t used the oddly timed scheduling gambit for several years, and is only doing so this time because of the special occasion of Carell’s departure.

Posted by:Rick Porter