Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) does not appear in this brief teaser for Thursday’s (Oct. 4) episode of “The Office.” Or does he?

What we’re looking at here could be one of the best pranks Jim has ever pulled — replacing himself with another person who insists he’s Jim. Pam (Jenna Fischer) is clearly playing along too, giving “Jim” a kiss at his desk, while Dwight (Rainn Wilson) has his mind blown a little while looking at the family portrait on Jim’s desk.

Replacement Jim even has the smirk-at-the-camera thing down. Well played, Halpert.

It remains to be seen how the gag will play out in Thursday’s episode, and we’re still a little bummed that Jim hasn’t mentioned his new business to Pam yet. But in the prank realm, this could be up there with sending Dwight faxes from the future and the wrapping-paper desk.

What do you think? Will this go down in the “Office” prank pantheon? You can see more when “The Office” airs at 9 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter