9 'The Office': The Impromptu Intervention InterludeNothing says Happy Holidays more than a Solo cup full of absinthe, a sitar, and a twelve step program. Throw in a Benny Hill scene and a black Princess Unicorn doll, and you’ve got yourself a full-fledged Christmas episode. The Office knows how to capture that warm, fuzzy feeling so perfectly, don’t they?

These spoilers are highly flammable and should be kept away from scented candles.

As if a plain-old Christmas theme wasn’t good enough, Phyllis decides to take advantage of her new party planner status and throw a Moroccan themed holiday party. Angela is insulted by Phyllis’s blasphemy of baby Jesus and continues to give her dirty looks, knowing full well that she can’t do anything about it. Angela’s secret on-again off-again lover, Dwight, is cashing in on the Christmas greed and has managed to swipe up the most popular toy of the year to sell at an insane profit. When I was little, I only wanted a bin of G.I. Joe’s. Now a Barbie with a unicorn horn is all the rage. Kids these days…

Michael shows off his mad bartending skills by basically throwing a bunch of different kinds of booze into a cup and calling it a masterpiece. Sounds like my spaghetti. Meredith quickly volunteers to be the guinea pig, resulting in a very drunk and rambunctious woman. Let’s just say that not all belly dancers are sexy. Due to scheduling conflicts, everyone decides to stage an intervention. Naturally, she denies that she has a problem, so Michael makes everyone tell her how her drinking has affected them. Kevin doesn’t actually have a problem with it. He’s right; free movies are indeed awesome.

Toby calls an end to the meeting because it’s probably not legal, and everyone clears out. Michael isn’t giving up, though. He’s determined to get Meredith help. They have a nice little chat in his office, and when they emerge it looks like she’s finally agreed to go to rehab. Except, he’s actually lied and promised to take her to a new bar. Once she’s figured out the ruse, a hilarious parking lot chase scene ensues, but Michael overpowers her and drags her inside the rehab center to be deposited.

11 'The Office': The Impromptu Intervention Interlude
Back at the office, Toby figures out that the way to his daughter’s heart and his ex-wife’s anger is through a Princess Unicorn doll. He’s too late. It seems Darryl bought the last one. Darryl decides to "pull a Dwight" and sell it to Toby for a large profit, to which Toby gleefully and pathetically accepts. Perhaps he should have inspected the merchandise first. It’s unsure whether his daughter will appreciate the black doll as much as he did.

All the while, Phyllis is still torturing Angela. She’s a cute lady, but even blondie can’t pull off a hair net. Phyllis crosses the line one too many times and Angela’s had about enough. She tells Phyllis to shut her trap and stop bossing her around because Phyllis would never give up her blackmail information–she loves planning the parties way too much. Perhaps Angela didn’t think this through enough. Phyllis tells the whole office, except for Andy who is conveniently practicing "Deck the Halls" on his sitar. Awk-ward.

Wrapping things up, it turns out that Meredith has to actually be a willing participant in the whole rehab thing. Which doesn’t really seem fair, does it? Michael’s next mission is to help Meredith hit rock bottom. There’s that Christmas spirit!

Posted by:Brandon Millman