Colin Woodell and Steven Krueger on 'The Originals'

Is there anything Dahlia (Claudia Black) won’t do to get her hands on baby Hope on “The Originals”? When the April 20 episode, “When the Levee Breaks,” came to an end, fans said goodbye to Aiden (Colin Woodell) as he became nothing more than a pawn in her sick game.
While Dahlia may be the one responsible for Aiden’s death, it was Klaus (Joseph Morgan) who took credit for it. Why would he do such a thing? Because he’s Klaus, and that’s what he does.
“Klaus couldn’t just say he didn’t do it because — for many reasons,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells Zap2it and a small group of press after a screening of the episode. “One, it’s a sign of weakness and two, he wants the Crescents to be questioning loyalty so Hayley doesn’t have the freedom to run.”
Taking credit for the kill could come back to bite him — pun intended — in a very big way, though. Aiden met his tragic — and gory — end just as he was planning to skip town with Josh (Steven Krueger), the man he loves.
“[Josh] is wrecked,” Narducci says. “He’s said in a past episode, ‘You can’t stand against Klaus Mikaelson, because then I’m going to have to get revenge against Klaus Mikaelson when he hurts you. Then I’m going to get killed.'”
Now that he believes Klaus has killed Aiden, there’s no telling what he’ll do. While Josh may be a much younger and more inexperienced vampire than Klaus, Narducci says, “His rage is no less.”
Before he sets out for any kind of revenge though, Josh will grieve the loss of his love. “The first thing he needs to do is wrap his head around how he’s coming to recover from this grief,” Narducci teases. “That’s absolutely something we’re going to explore in the next episode.”
What matters now is whether the truth about Aiden’s death will be revealed before Josh can get to Klaus. Currently, Camille (Leah Pipes) is the only one that knows Klaus is innocent. “Cami knows the truth and once that truth starts to get out, our characters are going to have to react to the question of who could have done this and why,” Narducci says.
They’re also going to have to reflect on the dagger Klaus took to the chest, turning Mikaelson against Mikaelson.
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