the originals julie plec crescent city post mortem 'The Originals': Julie Plec discusses the big death, Elijah's choice and what's coming next

Warning: Major spoilers below. Do not continue until you’ve watched Tuesday (Feb. 4) night’s episode of “The Originals”

RIP Sophie Devereaux (Daniella Pineda). You fought against the witches tooth and nail before realizing they were right all along, and your actions to rectify the situation after first stopping the Harvest ritual couldn’t save you from your fate. The witches got their revenge against you for delaying the Harvest, and your own niece killed you (brutally, we might add). 

And according to executive producer Julie Plec, Sophie’s death is going to stick. “In this particular case, the witches having taken their vengeance against a non-believer, I don’t think there’s much of a hope for her to recover given that more often than not, you need witchy intervention to have a second chance at life,” Plec tells a small group of reporters after screening the episode, “Crescent City,” early. “I think that this may be the end of Miss Sophie.”

The way Sophie died was like an extra kick while she was already down: After working so hard to bring her niece Monique back from the death, Monique ended up murdering her in cold blood and leaving her bloody body laying in the middle of the street. 

“I think you have to look at [Monique] as both a villain and a victim,” Plec says. “She was in this limbo state with what seems like direct access to a lot of angry ancestors who are very, very, very unflinching in their faith, in their own abilities, in their own people. So either she’s a zealot who’s just a product of her environment or she’s a little bit kooky. She’s probably a little bit of both.”

Sophie’s fate wasn’t always sealed in death, however. Plec reveals that they didn’t plan to kill her off in the beginning. 

daniella pineda dies 'The Originals': Julie Plec discusses the big death, Elijah's choice and what's coming next

“We didn’t know the specifics of it. We knew that there had to be a pretty horrible, hideous consequence,” Plec says. “A lot of Sophie’s efforts to lead the witch revolution, she kept coming against a wall and failing, and didn’t — when all is said and done — have the right faith, even in herself as a leader, to carry it off. When we realized that the ultimate consequence of that would be death, that’s when we made the decision to go down that road.”

Sophie wasn’t the only one to end the episode in a bad place. Thanks to the resurrected witches seeking revenge, both Klaus and Rebekah are in deep trouble. 

“The next episode is actually really crazy. It’s new for us, and it’s something we’ve never done before,” Plec says. “We go outside of the Quarter and we put Rebekah and Klaus into a trapped situation in a creepy, horrible, messed up sanitarium from back in the day, and Genevieve, working between the two of them, enacts her revenge. We’ll learn why Genevieve’s revenge is so specifically targeted towards Rebekah and what exactly she’s going to do to make Rebekah suffer as much as possible.”

Plec warns this won’t be the first time the witches are successful, and their revenge is only just beginning to cause problems for the Original family. “They are definitely under attack,” Plec says. “This whole witch chapter has definitely shown us that the resurrected witches have a mission and it’s personal. They get as close to succeeding at tearing apart this family as possibly we’ve ever seen and the outcome of what it is that the witches do to our Original family will have eternal repercussions for their dynamic.”

That means Elijah’s got quite a lot on his plate at the moment, since he saved Hayley (and her unborn baby) over his own siblings after Celeste made him choose only one person. “There is a guilt attached to that,” Plec says of Elijah’s choice. “There is a shame attached to that. There is a logic attached to that, of course — when in doubt, save the baby. But it definitely drives him very hard to rescue his siblings in the next episode and to try to pull the family back together as it’s under assault.”

Plec reveals that the Original family is going to be fighting an uphill battle for pretty much the rest of the season. 

“I would say the second half of the season is the consequences of having, forgive my language, f***ed with the harvest in the first place,” Plec says with a laugh. “The revenge as enacted by these witches, the disintegration of the Original family as a result and the rebuilding of both the family and the city in the fallout once the domino effect of the witches’ actions settle and the dust settles from that.”

And let’s not forget what kicked off the series in the first place. “And of course, there’s a baby coming,” Plec says. “Yeah, [the birth will happen this season].”

“The Originals” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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