originals klaus v marcel 'The Originals' new promo pits Marcel against Klaus: Who will win control of New Orleans?

“The Originals” may have a half-werewolf/half-hybrid pregnancy in the midst of a supernatural civil war between the witches and vampires of New Orleans, but the main conflict at the center of “The Vampire Diaries” spinoff series is the supernatural pissing match between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his former-protege Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

The CW released a new promo focusing on just that, giving the tense conflict an almost romantic feel with the dark shots and stare-downs between the former-friends-turned-rivals. Who will come out on top, gaining control of the entire supernatural community of New Orleans?

Watch the new promo below:

“The Originals” premieres Thursday, Oct. 3, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum