the originals the river in reverse 'The Originals' recap: 'The River In Reverse' has everything   spanking, waistcoats, bloodshed and moreIf you haven’t gotten into “The Originals,” The CW’s “Vampire Diaries” spinoff, now’s the time to do it. For the show’s final November sweeps episode, “The River In Reverse,” all three stories were amazingly executed, incredibly addicting, and any other superlatives you can think of. Frankly, the show, which was recently picked up for a full first season, right now is far surpassing its mothership in quality.

Want to know what went down tonight (Nov. 26)? Let’s recap:


Since this show is called “The Originals,” after all, let’s start with the main story: Klaus and his attempt to take over New Orleans. Tyler informed Marcel’s vampire army of Klaus’ baby, but Rebekah stopped by to lend her support if the vampires shift their energies away from destroying the fetus and toward destroying Klaus. Unfortunately, after they all attacked him, he wolfed out and everyone realized in horror that they couldn’t contain his strength and he just started straight murdering everyone. It was a glorious scene that just so happened to be filled with a s***load of bloodshed. Rebekah realized Klaus wouldn’t stop unless he won, so Marcel gave in and waved his metaphorical white flag. Klaus had won, but there’s one thing he wouldn’t ever have: respect. Klaus tearfully appealed to his siblings, though, to make them understand why he does what he does. (This might make you feel a surge of empathy, but that move is straight out of the sociopath’s playbook. That doesn’t make it any less affecting, though.)


Before Elijah met up with his siblings, he spent a hell of a time having hallucinations with Hayley in the bayou as he recovered from Klaus’ wolf bite. He flashed back to his relationship with a French witch, Celeste, which involved spanking (!!!) and more sexy times, but ultimately ended in tragedy as Klaus had her killed. Not only did we learn more about Elijah’s intimate relationships (not in a pervy way, just in a “why is he the way he is” way), but we also saw more of the dynamic between Klaus and Elijah. But even more importantly, Hayley accomplished her goal: she met one of her family members, and learned why she’s had such a hard time tracking them down. Eve is the one who left the family tree, and she informed Hayley that Marcel had tracked down everyone in their clan (identified by their distinctive birth mark) and cursed them so they roam as wolves most of the time and turn into humans on the full moon.


Cami, smart psychology student that she is (did you guys know she studies psychology? She’s mentioned it once or twice.), figured out a way around Klaus’ compelling. (He’s been making her come to his house and type his memoirs on a typewriter, then making her forget everything she knows about him). She created a code that she could decipher when she wasn’t in his presence, and realized he’s not some random hot dude who keeps hitting on her at a bar. This revelation came after her uncle, Father Kieran, pressured by Klaus, had tried to get her to leave town. Will she stay? Will she go?

What did you think of the episode? Are you on Klaus’ side? What’s happening with Tyler locked up in the basement somewhere? Will Cami discover the whole truth?

Posted by:Jean Bentley