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Although the latest season of “Jersey Shore” will soon come to an end, we’ll still be able to get our Macaroni Rascals fix during the off-season thanks to “The Pauly D Project,” the spinoff series starring everyone’s favorite Guido DJ.
MTV has released a trailer for the new series, which premieres Thursday, March 29, that shows Pauly D hanging out with his family in Rhode Island (he still lives with his dad) before heading to Vegas with his friends.
His entourage includes Biggie, his mentor who taught him how to DJ, Jerry, his bodyguard, and Ryan, his BFF and wingman. Together, they are “the Pauly D posse.” They’re all unattached except Biggie (whose girlfriend warns him: “no whores”) so a trip to Sin City should be appropriately debaucherous.
But the spinoff, which focuses on Pauly’s life as a DJ, isn’t all partying: it also gets serious, like when Biggie cries at a confessional interview before admitting, “I wake up every morning and I thank God that he’s had these opportunities and he brought me along.”
In the end, Pauly D says in a voiceover, “I’m just a smalltown boy from a small state called Rhode Island.”
Will you watch?

Posted by:Jean Bentley