pauly d project mtv 'The Pauly D Project' season premiere: It's no 'Jersey Shore'The basic premise of “The Pauly D Project,” “Jersey Shore’s” first spinoff, is that DJ Pauly Del Vecchio (the one with the product-enabled high hair) snags a deejaying gig in Las Vegas and transports his entire entourage West when he relocates.

Thursday’s (March 29) opening episode was all about making the transition from Pauly’s humble home in Rhode Island to the big, shiny city where — in a Palms Las Vegas suite — he marvels that he has, “bathrooms inside of bathrooms you have to go through to get to the bathroom. I could s*** all day.”

That’s right, the dialogue is every bit as gripping as that of its parent show, but what’s missing — refreshingly — is “Jersey Shore’s” trashtastic focus on, well, getting trashed. Instead, viewers are along for the ride as Pauly tries to up his star wattage by doing actual work. Yes, the work involves hanging out in nightclubs and fist-pumping and probably some GTL (gym tan laundry), but so what? Instead of Snooki peeing under a staircase, we get Pauly on “the biggest night of my life” as he takes his place behind the turntables in Vegas.

Vinny Guadagnino — Pauly’s “Jersey Shore” BFF — isn’t a show regular, but we’ve been assured he’ll make an appearance at some point. Instead, Pauly is surrounded by his Rhode Island crew: Ryan (social planner/wingman), Big Jerry (bodyguard) and Biggie (Jack of all trades). The New York Times describes them as the “white, less cool analogues of Dot Com and Grizz on ’30 Rock.'” But we think there’s a little Kenneth in each of them, too.

Episode 1 got off the ground without any major drama, but a season preview teased us with at least one cast member storming out and, ahem, leaving Las Vegas.

Sounds like a situation.

Did you watch?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson