peach drop moon pie The Peach Drop, the Moon Pie Drop and other New Year's Eve celebrationsWe read today that authorities are making the annual Peach Drop (the New Year’s Eve celebration held in Atlanta every year) safer this year, in response to the large crowd that gathers and past incidents that include a stabbing, some celebratory gunfire and an escalator malfunction that injured several people.

Which got us wondering about other “drops” on New Year’s Eve. So here are some of the most fun ones we found:

  • Key West, Florida drops a giant ruby slipper carrying drag queen Gary “Sushi” Marion. Another location in Key West drops a giant conch shell.
  • Tallapoosa, Georgia does an possum drop, which, thankfully, involves a stuffed possum and not a live one. There is no word on whether “30 Rock’s” Kenneth the Page attends. Brasstown, North Carolina also does a possum drop, but their possum is alive. He is in a plexiglass pyramid and then is turned loose at the end of the festivities.
  • Vincennes, Indiana drops an 18-foot replica watermelon that releases 11 real watermelons at midnight.
  • Eastport, Main drops a giant sardine.
  • Princess Anne, Maryland drops a giant stuffed muskrat named Marshall P. Muskrat, who is wearing a top hat and bow tie.
  • Point Pleasant, New Jersey drops the “Millennium Mossbunker,” which is a mossbunker fish.
  • Nashville, Tennessee drops an 80-foot guitar at the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina drops a 900-pound acorn.
  • Elmore, Ohio drops a sausage and, as you can see in this video, it is about as exciting as it sounds. 
  • Cincinnati, Ohio flies a pig.
  • Beaverstown, Pennslvania drops a 5’8” artificial beaver.
  • Mobile, Alabama drops a 600-pound electric Moon Pie. The Chattanooga Baker, the maker of the Moon Pie, also has on hand a 55-pound, 45,000 calorie real Moon Pie that people can purchase to eat. It measures four feet in diameter.
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas drops a hog.
  • Bartlesville, Oklahoma drops an olive.
  • Plymouth, Wisconsin drops an 80-pound decorated wedge of cheese.
  • Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin drops a real, but dead, carp, who is then buried with a commemorative plaque and a ceremonial tree.

We think our favorite is the giant Moon Pie drop. Mmmm. Did we forget any of your favorites?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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