the pitch popchips amc 'The Pitch' sneak peek: Before Ashton Kutcher, Popchips tried AMCUp next on “The Pitch” — Popchips. You know, the delicious snack chip that got Ashton Kutcher in loads of trouble when the brand unveiled ads in which he donned brownface and did his worst impression of an Indian actor?

Well, it turns out Popchips figures prominently in the Monday, May 14 episode of “The Pitch” — AMC’s docu-reality show about competing ad agencies. This time around, two agencies compete for the Popchips account.

“We’re looking for you to create an entertaining campaign that’s so engaging, people will want to share it,” blandly states one exec.

We have to wonder if one of the people in this clip is responsible for the whole Ashton debacle. Guess we’ll have to watch to find out.

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson