playboy club bunnies 520 'The Playboy Club' premiere: What did you think?“The Playboy Club” premiered Monday night on NBC – what did you think of the bunnies and their men in 1963 Chicago?

We found ourselves surprisingly enjoying the premiere, which honestly we did not expect. The feel of the show was really fun, led by the sets and costumes plus the guest star Jenifer Lewis as Tina Turner.

But what will keep us coming back for more are two things – the mystery and the potential exploration of the time period.

First, the mob aspect. Amber Heard‘s bunny Maureen kills who is known to most people as married businessman Clyde Hill, as he attacks her in the store room. It turns out he’s Bruno Bianchi, the head of the family. Dashing Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian), the high-powered lawyer with a State’s Attorney race looming and old mob ties, steps into the fight and then helps Maureen dispose of the body after she accidentally stabs Bruno with her stiletto as she kicks him off her. Later, Maureen starts being harassed by some mob guy but she holds her own.

A very intriguing start, especially when some surveyors find Bruno’s Playboy Club key near the river. We also like Heard and Cibrian’s chemistry. That alley scene was hot.

Secondly, the time period and setting of a Playboy club lends itself so well to exploration of the issues ripe in that era, as the picturesque 1950s are left behind for the tumultuous 1960s. Not only do we hope they can dive into the woman’s movement and sexual discovery vs. sexual exploitation, but the storyline established for Alice and her husband as closeted homosexuals was a very pleasant surprise.

We definitely will give “The Playboy Club” a few more looks. What did you think, viewers?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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