Jamie_girlicious Usually I’m all about make-over episodes but the ones performed on this week’s The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious were about as dramatic as an episode of According to Jim.


After last week’s elimination of Alexis, some of the girls gripe – either about being in the bottom four or about how Alexis worked harder than some of the remaining finalists.

This week’s oddly avant garde PCD video message is about Style. When Robin addresses them, she says that while it’s important to be part of a group, they should also stand out on their own. The girls are broken up into 3 Disco-themed groups. Group 1 is Chrystina, Tiffanie, Jenna and Carrie performing "Dim All The Lights" by Donna Summer. Group 2 is Charlye, Nichole and Natalie with "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" by the SOS Band…to be performed on roller skates. Wha? Group 3 is Cassandra, Ilisa and Jamie who get Blondie’s "Heart of Glass." The group with the worst performance will be on the chopping block.

Cassandra is worried because she’s doesn’t have a falsetto and is having trouble during vocal rehearsal (which is completely understandable because Blondie songs can be very difficult). She kind of freaks out about it and starts crying out of frustration. Jenna’s having issues of her own with the steps. Co-choreographer Mikey Minden says she’s got a sultry, lazy Jessica Rabbit thing to her but he’s over that and she needs to start stepping it up. Robin tells her that she has to put more energy in her movements and Jenna says she’s going to put in extra group. Tiffanie tells her that she needs to put in more practice and the rest of the girls join in. Jenna’s argument is that she puts in a lot of work on vocals because that’s her strong point but Tiffanie points out that her not being a dancer is exactly why she should practice twice as hard. This little gang-up session has made Jenna vow to really put her best foot forward about it.

Chrystina in the meantime is constantly giving stinkface because she didn’t think she deserved to be in the bottom two. She brings it up with Robin and Mikey and they tell her that it’s going to be a little harsh but its really just constructive criticism and she needs to take it and get better. But she still has stinkface and methinks this might spell her doom. Chrystina calls her dad and he tells her that it’s not so much about the criticism but how she responds to it. Duh. Plus if she thinks this is bad, she’ll never handle being famous.

Carlene Kerns and Janine Jarman (make-up & hair respectively) are going to be handling the girls’ makeovers. There’s cuts, colors, weaves and extensions. Jamie hates her hair color – she felt that she had and advantage over the other girls with her looks. She’s gone from dark brown to a dark red/brown and man, she really hates it. I think she still looks cute but I do see where she’s coming from (she thinks it makes her look less Latina). This week’s challenge involves walking the red carpet at an event and the girl who impresses the most will get immunity, which Jamie’s worried about since she doesn’t feel cute anymore.

The finalists are being judged by Mikey, Robin and In-Touch Weekly Senior Editor Kim Serafin. Charlye doesn’t look much different, nor does Chrystina, Jenna, Nichole, Tiffanie, and Cassandra. Carrie’s hair is the same basic color but it’s so much better as it’s been refreshed and Ilise got a stronger red. Natalie got her hair straightened and Jamie works it out despite hating her new look. Nichole ended up winning, which is fine – she did well. Honestly, I’m underwhelmed by the "new" looks. I mean, they’re cute and all but there were no drastic changes with the exception of Jamie.

Ilise is concerned about her group since Cassandra had a breakdown and Jamie isn’t over her botched makeover. Meanwhile, Tiffanie is working with Jenna on her moves and stage presence. Unfortunately, Chrystina is still sucking with the vocals and vocal coach Kenn Hicks calls her out on it which makes her start crying. But he pushes her and makes them sing it again and she snaps out of it eventually. In her confessional, Chrystina says that this whole ordeal has humbled her and made her realize that she’s going to have to work harder than she thought.

On performance day, as the girls get ready Kenn talks to Jamie and advises her to shake off her funk because it’s coming out on-stage which she acknowledges. So now it’s time for the performances in the Pussycat Dolls Lounge. When host Mark McGrath introduces the judges, Ron Fair is wearing a fedora that looks like a pimp hat and Lil’ Kim looks like a drag impersonator from Vegas replaced her for the night (crazy big two-toned hair and entirely too much eye make-up).

First up is Nichole, Charlye and Natalie with "Take Your Time (Do it Right)" on roller skates. Is it bad that I really want Natalie to fall? This make-over really helped Nichole’s stage presence. The judges all liked the performance and rightly so. It was an enjoyable little ditty and I’m impressed how together they were – like an actual group. Not a group I’d be in to per se, but a group nonetheless. Charlye gets good marks all around, Lil’ Kim tells Natalie that her performance has to come up to her vocals and Ron Fair tells Nichole that she’s got a good voice.

Ilisa, Cassandra and Jamie are up next with "Heart of Glass." The judges all have pensive face but the audience seems into it. Robin says Ilisa did well but she expected more. Cassandra and Jamie both get the negative comments that they were expecting and Jamie starts to cry. She says she never does because she has too much pride but she hasn’t felt like herself and has been holding back all week – the frustration’s finally gotten to her. Lil’ Kim gives her a tip to let all the personal stuff go before she performs that was hidden within a "your vocals just weren’t good this week" review.

Chrystina, Tiffanie, Jenna and Carrie are last with "Dim All The Lights." Carrie starts the song off and is good per usual. Jenna comes out and the judges are still smiling. Tiffanie and Chrystina were the weaker of the vocalists. Jenna got big-ups from Robin for stepping up the energy. Tiffanie was told she looked like a star and Carrie was also told she looks great. Robin compliments Chrystina on coming back from a rough week and doing well and Ron Fair adds that she needs to really solidify her vocals and do her homework.

During deliberation, the "Heart of Glass" group is clearly the worst of the three. Lil’ Kim doesn’t just like Ilisa, she loves her and Ron Fair points out that her being so different is both a plus and a minus. Ron Fair thinks that Jamie should be sent home but Robin wants to give her another chance. Lil’ Kim is torn between Cassandra and Jamie and Ron Fair calls her an "exotic princess." So we have an impasse.

Eliminations are up and the other two groups are told they are safe after Robin states how difficult this decision was. Ilisa is obviously safe. Robin tells Jamie that her resistance to change concerned her since it affected her performance and tells Cassandra that she’s got a great look and can dance, but wonders if her vocals can develop fast enough. Well, apparently the judges think the answer is no as Cassandra is sent home by a tearful Robin. She stated at the beginning that this song was probably going to be the one to do her in and she was right. Which is a shame because I was really pulling for her – she has a lot of vocal potential.

Next week: some boy dancers show up for a challenge, Natalie gets some bad news, Tiffanie gets into another argument, and Robin makes a "shocking" announcement.

Should Cassandra have been sent home? Is Jenna too stubborn for her own good? Does anyone really care about anyone on this show?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks