rachel zoe project rodger berman 'The Rachel Zoe Project': 5 ways to keep Rodger from blowing up

This season, Rachel Zoe told us that we’d get to know her husband, Rodger Berman, a lot more. So we have to admit that we’ve been warned.
We know his constant griping is getting on viewers’ nerves and the truth is we already know many of the buttons we shouldn’t push with the guy or else he’ll totally blow a gasket. It’s really not that hard to figure out. 
After all, he’s just a regular guy who loves himself a good ascot, a haircut with swing and watching sports with his tragically hipster friends. Typical, right?
In Tuesday’s (Sept. 14) episode of “The Rachel Zoe Project,” we were able to find 5 easy ways Rachel and company could have avoided a Rodger meltdown.
1.) If you go grocery shopping with Rodger, don’t bring along your assistant (no matter how codependent you are on her). Rodger can hold your list. Duh.

rachel zoe project baby 'The Rachel Zoe Project': 5 ways to keep Rodger from blowing up

2.) Don’t talk fashion when Rodger is talking baby-making.
3.) When shooting a funny viral video, please avoid having any fun.
4.) If your name is Brad, don’t do anything to remind Rodger you’re Rachel’s “other husband.”
5.) If you notice that Rodger is about to go mental, then quickly grab a baby, any baby, and remind him that there’s still a glimmer of hope.
Simple, right?

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