Did anyone else come away from “The Rachel Zoe Project” finale feeling slightly better about your lot in life? That was some rollercoaster of malcontent and the RZ Inc. team should be happy about finally getting off the ride.
Brad needs a va-k: Brat Brad is showing some fatigue. We didn’t want to say this, but it’s the elephant in the room. He seems to have been bathing in his own hype. He’s already talking about how he’ll be “The Next Brad Goreski.” It’s fine to have lofty goals, but he’s barely doing this Brad Goreski well. He’s already showing the guy we met in Season 1. Taylor would remember – the one who loved to leave his work for her and socialize at the table with Rachel? Now, you remember. And he had the nerve to mention Taylor today in reference to his bad attitude. Let’s not rewrite history. She may have complained a lot, but Taylor would have helped Rachel carry those fur coats. Just sayin’.
Side note: Taylor tweeted that Brad is a “retard” this evening. Coincidence?
Rodger needs a baby. Stat!: We can see two sides to Rodger Berman’s baby-mania. On the one hand, if he and Rachel had discussed becoming parents for years, then he has every reason to feel angry. She may be getting older, but so is he. And in many ways, a marriage is a social contract saying you’re both on the same page when it comes to these kind of family questions. And in the event that contract is broken, then Rodger should consider leaving her. 
On the other hand, it’s clear that Rachel has always had big goals and when it comes to work, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Can Rodger adjust his expectations to the woman she is today?


Rachel doesn’t know what she wants: We’re starting to believe that Rachel Zoe has spent way too many years showering her clients with endless compliments, declaring proudly that she hasn’t picked up a book in… ever, and saying yes to every project that comes her way that she has forgotten to carve out a personal life for herself. For the first time this season, she actually admitted that she wants a baby. Being the pleaser that she is, we’re not sure if she said that for the benefit of the doctor or if she really meant it. Our advice for her? Take a week away from work and take Rodger somewhere far away from any type of fashion week and do some major talking.
If things continue going the way they are, we fear next season that Rachel will have an entirely new staff and no Rodger.
What’s your advice for Rachel, Rodger and Brad?

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