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We thought that maybe the Rachel Zoe crew had gotten all their complaints and accusations about Taylor Jacobson out in the premiere episode of Bravo’s “The Rachel Zoe Project.” After all, they have to move on, right? 
Well, it doesn’t seem as if they have. Through out the show, they still threw jabs at Taylor left and right. Should we give the show another chance and see if they’re over it in Episode 3? Who are we kidding! Of course we’ll be watching the next episode and every episode this season. Duh.
We’d like to get one thing straight. We loved Taylor on the show. She had a bad attitude and she tended to lean toward a negative view on things, but that’s what was so great about her.
We can’t help but miss Taylor and the counterpoint she brought to the love-fest of RZ Inc. And now that Brad Goreski is in her position, every time he said something, we asked ourselves, WWTS? – What would Taylor say?

So, we gathered some of our fave WWTS? moments below:
Brad on a fresh beginning: “I thought it was time to create new looks for each other.”

WWTS?: Whatever. Shut up. I’ve had the same hair since the mid-nineties. Don’t touch me.
Brad on life without Taylor: “I feel like I burned my bra.”
WWTS?: This job sucks. Rachel told me she was going to make me queen of merchandising and I’m still unpacking boxes. Bras? I’m a 34D. You all make me feel like an oinker.
Brad on the lost Versace dress: “When something goes missing, it’s my job to find it.”
WWTS?: That just blows. That hotel is just stupid. What can I do about it? I didn’t take it. I’m not a sample size!
Brad encouraging the new assistant to speak up: “I don’t wear women’s clothes. I need your opinion. So, bring it!”
WWTS?: You want to go to Paris with Rachel? Fine. You go to Paris while I stay here and do all the crap jobs and answer the phone while you’re away. Tell Chanel I heart them.
Don’t you miss Taylor, too?

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