, whose season finale airs Tuesday, Oct. 14, on Bravo. She loves clothes more than we do. And her job is helping people try on clothes. If there ever was a greater good, we’d like to hear about it. But the show got us thinking — what if we invited friends over to try on clothes? It would be like a trunk show and an afterparty all in one!

Setting the scene:
Unless you have a closet filled with items you plan on bringing to the consignment store, we suggest you tell invitees to bring clothing they’d like to swap, donate, sell or modify. It’s like a cookie swap — you’ll feel good even though things head straight for your thighs. Make sure you include everything from evening wear to outerwear. Another good idea is to talk to the owner of a small clothing boutique and see if he’d like to do a trunk show at your home during the party. You’d be surprised how many small-business owners are happy to take advantage of a captive audience if it means selling an extra pair of Spanx. You’ll also need some garment racks to hang choices on and some full-length mirrors to see how fabulous you look. Don’t forget the changing screens.

Guests are welcome to come naked since there will be plenty of clothes to wear once there.

On the menu:
Here’s where things get dicey. Per Rachel’s request, no one should have a high body mass index because cellulite is the worst accessory any woman can wear. So go light with veggie platters, lean turkey wraps and low-calorie smoothies.

On the hi-fi:
These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra, Your Socks Don’t Match by Bing Crosby and Louis Jordan, You Can Leave Your Hat On by Etta James, Red Shoes by Elvis Costello, Shopping for Clothes by the Coasters.

The showstopper:
If you’re looking to make this party truly memorable, purchase enough copies of Rachel’s book, Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour, for each guest and give them out in gift bags at the end of the evening.

Posted by:Michael Korb