In a show when so many things went wrong, Kim Zolciak was so right in our book. On Sunday’s (Jan. 9) episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she made lemonade from lemons and that’s more than we can say for some of her cast mates.
In this cast, delusions of grandeur are the norm. Phaedra Parks, though, has raised the bar this season. In this episode, she throws another one of her outlandish southern parties. She calls it a “sip and see” and it’s basically the infant version of a debutante ball. We hardly believe that such a thing really exists and we have to consider the source. This is the woman who claims her baby was ready to be born after seven months, after all.
She invited Kim to try and clear the air after last episode’s spa showdown and when conversation went to Phaedra’s supposed seven-month pregnancy, the self-titled southern belle asked for Kim’s nursing papers again. And, look at that, Kim had them in her purse. Boom!
Also, after watching Kim deal with Big Poppa, it’s nice to see that footballer Kroy Biermann is trying to lock her down and he supports her career choices. Supportive emails and flowers before her performance? Well-played.
real housewivesp atlanta cynthia bailey 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Kim conquers the 'bust tour'
I can still get a refund on the wedding flowers, so this caveman won’t be a total loss.

On the other hand, we have Cynthia Bailey and her fianc�, Peter. He has already proven to have some archaic ideas of how Cynthia should behave when he picked a fight with NeNe Leakes. And now when it comes to money, he’s showing a very macho resentment for her career and the money she put in to his nightclub. Peter, respect her like any other investor and you may still have a nightclub to speak of after all this is over.
And, we’re sorry, Kandi Burruss, but you are trying too hard on this “bust tour” of yours. We acknowledge she can sing and her producing skills are good, but we can’t imagine listening to a whole album of her hitting high notes, doing runs and not annunciating her words well. This sentence may not be uttered often, but she can learn something from Kim.
In the end, Kim may have complained too much, but she made do with what she had and went out there and did her job. Plus, she cracked us up the entire hour and what else do we watch “Real Housewives” for? Bravo, Kim.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog