real housewives beverly hills kyle waxed 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Tough as nails, bald as Kojak down there

In Thursday’s (Dec. 9) episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” a few of the housewives bared sides of themselves we haven’t seen yet. 
They showed that behind the big houses and huge diamond rings, there are more big houses and huge diamond rings. But, behind that are real people who just happen to live in big houses and wear huge diamond rings.
We do think that Camille Grammer’s life is starting to fall apart around her. We think that even if Kelsey Grammer hadn’t broken up with her yet, that she could feel something was going down. Her name is Kayte Walsh and she’s now his fianc�.
Poor thing is rallying the friends around her and even considering how she can make up with Kyle Richards. From next week’s previews, it doesn’t look like it ends up too well. But with the heavily affected manner of Camille, it truly is the thought that counts.

Meanwhile, Kyle is preparing herself for a weekend with her husband, Mauricio, sans the kids. It’s supposed to be a romantic getaway, but there’s also some crazy bicycle marathon they’re taking part in. Despite having to watch her get waxed “down there,” the whole thing was very touching. Kyle had lost several family members to cancer, including her mother, and the bike ride was her way of giving back. It was especially touching when she said she felt her mom and uncle’s hands on her back, helping to push her up that monster hill.
real housewives beverly hills adrienne maloof 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Tough as nails, bald as Kojak down there
Yep, you’re gettin’ whooped by a woman in an Easter blue cowboy hat. Deal.

Taylor Armstrong also showed there was some substance behind her very distilled face. Apparently, she was raised in an abusive home and she admitted that to a room of strangers at a charity poker game benefitting the 1736 Family Crisis Center, which is a shelter dedicated to helping those through whatever horrible circumstances are trying to rebuild their lives. It was hard not to giggle a bit when she used her own life in Beverly Hills as an example of what these people can achieve. But then we realized, she is.

How’d you feel about the softer side of The Hills?
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