real-housewives-of-DC-salahi.jpgAfter Bravo pretended to have nothing to do with the Salahis, the network confirmed the official cast of “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” which premieres on August 5 at 9 p.m. And it doesn’t come as a surprise, that the Salahis made the cut.

The list includes five women in their mid-forties to early-fifties. Aside from a White House gatecrasher, the cast includes a socialite, a Brit, a highly educated real estate agent and a stylish single gal.

Here’s the full list according to The Washington Post:

Michaele Salahi – Michaele, 44, and her husband Tareq are, of course, the notorious White House party crashers. Bravo cameras trailed the socialite couple into the 2009 White House Dinner, but refused to confirm that the couple was part of the new D.C. franchise. Even before the notorious stunt, the couple was known for their attention-seeking antics.

Catherine Ashley Ommanney – A British-born interior designer in her forties, Catherine is new to Washington D.C. Currently separated from her husband, Charles, an award-winning Newsweek photographer, she has only really become known when she started shooting for “Housewives.” She has two daughters from a previous marriage. According to The Washington Post, Catherine showed a Salahi streak when she told a British tabloid that she once made out with Prince Harry!

Mary Amons – We may be speaking too soon, but 44-year-old Mary seems to have the real socialite cred. The daughter of a telecom exec, who married her husband, Rich, also a telecom exec. Mary is known for her style. She has been featured in Marie Claire, a segment on mothers who look like their daughters on the “Today” show and she was named to the D.C. lifestyle magazine, the Washingtonian’s 2009 best-dressed list. The mother of five also founded Labels for Love, which runs a semi-annual sale with proceeds going to charity.

Stacie Turner – Stacie, 42, sounds like a smart cookie. The only African-American woman of the bunch, she spent her undergrad at Howard University and has an MBA from Harvard. She worked in marketing at BET before she switched to real estate. Her husband, Jason, formerly worked for the mayor of D.C. They have two children and live in a former church they had renovated into a mansion.

Lynda Erkiletian – Lynda owns a local artist agency called T.H.E., which claims to represent 500 models and stylists in the D.C. area. At 52 years old, she’s currently single. Like Amons, she’s known for her stylish flair and she was also named to the Washingtonian’s 2009 best-dressed list.

What do you think of your new “Real Housewives”? Intrigued?

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