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Tonight’s (Sept. 30) episode of “The Real Housewives of D.C.” may have been the strangest one we’ve ever seen. It was to set up Michael and Tareq Salahi’s alleged White House gatecrashing.
Earlier this year, Bravo had come under fire after denying that the Salahis were part of the D.C. cast. NBC Universal, Bravo’s parent company, even floated a questionnaire to figure out if the viewing audience would put up with it. In the end, the numbers either came out in the Salahis’ favor or at least Bravo was sure the outrage wouldn’t tank the show. In the end, the sheer boring nature of this season was probably the biggest problem: Salahis or not.
We got very little information about the incident from the episode, but several particularly interesting moments that beg our attention.
The event is supposedly super-secret and Michaele is just blabbing it all over the salon. And, by the way, why are the Salahis treating the salon like their own personal dressing room in which the salon workers are their servants? They’re basically acting like they own the place.

real housewives dc michaele salahi white 320 'The Real Housewives of D.C.': No invitation? Sari

Then, there are certain things that Michaele keeps repeating. Regarding the red sari she wore: She kept saying she called the White House social secretaries about it over and over again. We got it, Michaele. Your use of the sari at a dinner honoring India is not at all inappropriate. It’s just in poor taste.
Then, there’s the case of the missing invitation. It was beautiful, so we hear. The problem is we were never able to see it. It would seem like the easiest piece of evidence to prove that they were invited. We, of course, know that the White House says the couple was not invited. So, wait. Did the Salahis lie? Noooo.
Also, we don’t think we’ve ever seen Bravo break the fourth wall. In tonight’s episode, the network actually let us hear their producers ask the couple to produce the invitation. Did that make Bravo feel better? Do we believe that Bravo is trying to convince us of their due diligence in the matter? And then for not admitting first off that their cameras were at the event? Or is the network sorry it and the Salahis got caught?
We posted the poll below on this morning’s preview post. As of the posting of this article, 88.5% say they believe the Salahis gatecrashed while 11.5% say they believe the Salahis were indeed invited. If you didn’t vote before, please vote now that you’ve seen tonight’s episode.

Will tonight’s episode change these numbers? Did tonight’s episode change your mind at all?

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