Danielle later tells her gay best friend that about 24 years ago, she had returned from a photoshoot in Cozumel and gone to visit her boyfriend in his 30 room mansion. While she was there when the FBI raided the place and she was arrested as well. She says she was young, hanging out with questionable people and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Without having read the book myself, it's hard to say which story is true as no one on the show talks about wether she was actually charged with any crime. That aside, I still think she's a train wreck based on how she lectures her daughters about how they are her only friends and they need to stick together.

Caroline is a little bewildered about why Jacqueline is even considering ranking her friendship with Danielle as being as important as her relationship with her family, and I have to agree (yet again) with Caroline. Even if Danielle's checkered past was all found out to be fiction, she is still a drama queen who is divisive, self centered and a pain in the rear.

Would you stay friends with Danielle at the risk of your family? Is Dina the puppet master Danielle claims she is? Is Danielle unable to really cry because she is a sociopath or because of the amount of plastic surgery she's had on her eyes?

Posted by:Jessica Paff