On the drug lord issue, she says we'll have to wait for her book. She says she was never a paid escort, but is something of a nympho. She plead guilty to accessory to kidnapping and other charges totaling 17, but says it was just part of a plea bargain. She claims she was never a stripper, but was a burlesque, gogo and pole dancer who always remained clothed. She also denies having had a serious cocaine problem, dropping it to a pot addiction instead.

And then she turns on the tears, saying that she was born to a 15 year old immigrant from Italy, adopted out to an abusive family where she was raped at age 8 and left home at a young age. From there, she married an abuser who beat her relentlessly. She says that it is this past that made her say "some wrong things", but quickly adds "I can't apologize for what was done to me" and that the Manzos should count their blessings to have such a great family.

If her past as she portrays it is true, I can agree that it's a tragedy and a terrible thing to endure. But I don't think that gives her a free pass to be a jerk for the rest of her life. And I'm pretty sure Caroline agrees with me. As she says, she disliked Danielle before the book for her campaign against Dina and she liked her even less after the book because she felt she might be a risk to the safety of her family. From there it breaks down as they rehash who said what first and cover no new ground, even though it's cealr something new did happen.

Whatever it is it's so bad that Caroline completely breaks down when Dina says that if Danielle's change in demeanor lasts she will let bygones be bygones. Caroline sobs that she will never forget or forgive what Danielle did. So, it's extra maddening that she won't say what it was, but all the Manzo women look down as Danielle mournfully says she has no idea what Caroline is talking about.

Highlights & Lowlights

Dina inviting the gas station attendant to her wedding to get back at her husband's exploding guest list hitting the 750 mark.

That "gucci model" didn't stand Danielle up, he was scared of cameras. Do you believe it?

Andy asking the Manzos "What is it about this stray that got your antennas up?" in regards to Danielle.

Danielle saying her fans are "like an aphrodisiac", proving her neediness.

What did you think of the New Jersey housewives? Are you aching for a second season or do you just want them to go the way of big hair and disappear?

Posted by:Jessica Paff