revealed the true crime novel Cop Without a Badge and Danielle's starring role within. Where do you go from there?

Atlantic city! Over shopping! Boobs! Also known as, every other episode that we've seen. Dina, Caroline and Teresa all go to Atlantic City for a weekend. Teresa brings enough clothes for 2 weeks and agonizes over every accessory. Which makes me wonder how long her family has been listening to her hem and haw over her decision to get a boob job. Which is not to say that it shouldn't be carefully considered, but the woman can't chose which pair of flips flops to wear to the pool.

Jacqueline doesn't join them on the trip, feeling that the tension between her and Dina over the Danielle situation needs to calm down a bit. She figures her time would be better spent with her own family – a decision she quickly comes to regret as she takes Ashley for a mother-daughter photoshoot. Ashley insists she wants to be a model, but has no idea how to take the tiniest bit of direction from the photographer. When her mom encourages her to relax and be comfortable with herself, Ashley explodes. "I AM comfortable in front of a camera OBVIOUSLY! GAWD MOM". And then she bursts into tears and whines about how she hates all the pictures.

Caroline is the only one who appears to have a healthy relationship with her kids, spending 3 days a week working out in their home gym with them. Dina obsesses over what Lexi is doing in Cyprus with her dad and comments that she sounds "mushy" on the phone. Teresa offers to buy her daughters new toys, purses, bikes and make up when they cry on the phone that they miss her. Keep in mind that none of her kids are over age 6. And then there is Danielle, who sits her girls down to tell them that she broke off her relationship with Steve – who was more than 20 years her junior. She tells them that Steve promised to not disappear from their lives. Her younger daughter points out that "Art" and "Jay" both promised the same thing and her older daughter says that "all guys do is **** you over" because "they just want your goodies". What does the mother of the year respond with? "Don't judge me". Neither of her daughters is even in high school yet.

Teresa gets her boobs, eventually deciding to get a full C. Dina lectures that there is a thin line between tasteful and tacky, and I have to wonder if she is using her own chest as a cautionary tale. Meanwhile, Jacqueline takes Danielle out to eat to celebrate her birthday. Danielle seizes the opportunity to talk about how "horrifically" Dina treated her and we get to see Jacqueline finally develop enough of a spine to tell her not to speak badly about her sister-in-law because it puts her in an awkward situation.

And it looks like that situation comes to a head next week. I can't wait to find out who unsettles the table. Will Ashley get the hidden car for being an unendurable brat? Will Teresa manage to spend another $200,000 in an hour? Will we get to meet the girl Steve took to Teresa's shore house or can we at least find out if she is old enough to be his mother? The season finale will reveal all next week!

Posted by:Jessica Paff