real housewives of new jersey melissa gorga posche bravo 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey': Is Melissa Gorga really that bad?

Yes, we’ve been hearing “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans aren’t too happy with Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, new cast member Melissa Gorga. But we think you’re all being extremely hard on her.
In Monday’s (May 23) episode, the women found themselves reunited after last episode’s christening disaster at the Posche fashion show. By the way, can someone explain to us how that’s fashion? And how many animals will have to give their lives to make these Jersey chicks look so cheap? We digress.
New housewife and Teresa’s cousin, Kathy Wakile, decided to have a word with Teresa at the event and it blew up. We have to say she came at it with an accusatory tone, but someone’s going to have to let their ego go if this family is to make up.

real housewives of new jersey kathy teresa 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey': Is Melissa Gorga really that bad?

First of all, who are we to judge Melissa with so little information about what’s really going on in that family? There are years of history there that we haven’t even touched on yet. Don’t you think you should hold off on convicting her until you’ve seen more of the evidence?
Fans like to call her a fame whore, but we counter with what exactly is Teresa or anyone that participates in a reality show for that matter? There’s got to be at least a little fame whore in anyone that agrees to have his or her life taped.
Melissa plans on launching her music career this season on the show and people are giving her grief for that. We think it’s dumb if you’re on a show like “Real Housewives” and you don’t do something to make some money off of it. After all, it’s only temporary. Why not make the most of it? Bethenny Frankel is a multi-millionaire now, because she started marketing her Skinny Girl cocktail on the New York show. And who would care about Teresa’s cookbook if she wasn’t on the show? Shouldn’t they all have a chance to make the same kind of career moves now that they can?
Finally, the big question: Who should say sorry about what went down at the christening? Melissa and Kathy seem to believe it should be Teresa. Teresa believes it should be Melissa and her brother, Joe. While we think there’s some truth to the fact that Teresa was playing nice for the camera by dancing with Melissa’s baby and then going over to congratulate the couple, we think it’s in her right to do so and her heart was in the right place. But, may we point out that Melissa accepted the congratulations before her husband started to make an issue of it. She even asked Joe to stop. So, who should apologize? People are so quick to pit women against each other. In our opinion, Melissa’s husband, Joe, should say sorry.
Oh, if only it were that easy. As we mentioned above, none of us have a clear grasp on what has transpired in that family for the last decade to create all this animosity. The judgmental words and finger pointing at Melissa has been described to us as “hazing the new girl.” 
But, don’t you think it has gone a bit far at this point and it’s too early to judge her so harshly?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog