new jersey 2011  'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Stank Face OffPreviously: Two of the ladies looked to new careers — Caroline as a radio host and Melissa as a singer. The Guidice-Gorga feud raged on, though Joe reached out by coming (albeit it hours late) to Gia’s gymnastics meet.

Caroline’s friend Dolores arrives at the Manzo manse, and Caroline updates her on her burgeoning career as a radio host. She will be hosting perhaps the lamest titled radio show ever, Caroline Rules. The ladies develop a game plan for Caroline’s upcoming shows by role playing how Caroline would answer Teresa’s questions about her relationship with her brother. Caroline echoes Kathy’s sentiments from earlier in the season that Teresa is in denial about the financial (and other) problems her family is facing.

Over at the Gorgas’ and the Giudices’, the siblings prepare for their sit down. Each sibling thinks the other has changed, but they agree that they’re tired of fighting. Regardless, they both want the other to essentially get on his/her knees and beg for forgiveness. Have they met each other? That ain’t happening.

Teresa and Joe arrive at the restaurant and dispense of the small talk before Joe brings up Teresa’s letter. He wonders what she meant when she apologized for hurting him and his family. She says, inexplicably, “You tell me.” Oh, Tre, don’t ever pursue a career in law or any other debate-related field. He turns it on her, and she is dumbstruck to acknowledge her part in hurting his family besides the simple words she put on paper. Translation: She really doesn’t think she’s done anything. He tells her he was disgusted by her and Juicy Joe’s behavior at the christening. He says that his beef with Juicy goes way back and that she exacerbated the problem by putting her brother before her husband after she got married. According to Joe, and I suppose Teresa, this angered Juicy and caused friction in their brotherly relationship.

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