andrew-therealworlddc-320.jpgThis is the true story — true story! — of eight strangers, picked to live in a house in Washington D.C. and fight about politics, religion, sexuality and more … on camera.

That’s right, kids, the brand spankin’ new season of “The Real World” is upon us, premiering Wednesday (Dec. 30) on MTV and only Zap2it was with the cast when they reunited in L.A. earlier this month to share a meal and screen the premiere episode of the show.

In the segment below, you’ll see a bit of that reunion and hear the new “Real World”-ers first reaction to themselves on camera.

And who are these new housemates?

Well, there’s Ashley, who is probably the most politically-minded of the group — and maybe the most opinionated as well — she gets entwined in the drama and debating right off the bat and as you’ll see in the clip) evokes strong reactions from a couple of her cast mates.

And then there is Ty, who has labeled himself this year’s “bad guy” while his cast mates just call him the “token black guy”… yes, this season’s “Real World” has a real sense of humor.

Much of that humor is courtesy of Andrew who spends the last 35 seconds of the clip telling me about his sex life, though former Philly “gang banger” turned band front man Josh insists he‘s the show’s ladies man.

There is also Mike, a personal trainer in-training who announces that he is bisexual in Wednesday’s premiere, though I’m told there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding his true sexuality throughout the season.

You’ll also meet Erika, a budding songstress, Callie, a Texas-born sorority girl and Emily, the in-house object of Ty’s affection … .

What do you think? Is “The Real World” still on its game? Or do you prefer “The Hills,” “The City” or — dare we say it? — “The Jersey Shore”?

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