real world mckenzie 'The Real World: New Orleans': Domestic abuse, drug addiction, and dramaYes, “The Real World” is still on. The long-running series begins airing its 24th season — filmed in New Orleans — on June 30th. Season 9, in 2000, was also New Orleans based.

This time, the eight cast members will check out the city’s post-Katrina revival.
The season begins as New Orleans is celebrating not only Mardi Gras, but also the Saints’ Super Bowl victory.

The nonstop New Orleans party culture can’t be easy on cast member Ryan Knight, a hockey player who is trying to stay sober after kicking an addiction to painkillers. Knight’s roommate, Jemmye Carroll, is struggling with the after-effects of an ex-boyfriend’s abusive behavior.

Meanwhile, McKenzie Coburn is pegged as a “Jekyll & Hyde,” and as PopEater reported in March, Ryan Leslie pressed charges against his roommate, Preston Roberson-Charles, for urinating on his toothbrush and scrubbing the toilet with it.

The cast, which also includes Ashlee Feldman, Eric Patrick, and Sahar Dika, reside in an uptown mansion owned by Baron Davis of the Los Angeles Clippers. Check out the sneak peek trailers below.
(Okay, we’ll admit it… we can’t wait.)

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credit: MTV


Posted by:Carina MacKenzie