real world st thomas mtv 'The Real World: St. Thomas' premiere: Is a roommate suicidal?
“The Real World’s” 27th (!) season premiered Wednesday (June 27) with a house full of surprises.

First: These seven strangers weren’t picked to live in a “house” — “resort” is a better way to describe their oceanside villa on the island of St. Thomas.
Also, “The Real World” has seen its share of difficult roommates (going back to San Francisco’s Puck), but we’re truly worried about two of this season’s castmembers: Robb and Brandon.

Robb, a gargantuan redhead, seems affable enough when we first meet him, but MTV’s season preview shows him with a bloody face after punching himself — hard.

But it’s recovering addict Brandon who seems the most troubled in tonight’s premiere, and his roommates are anxious about his safety — and their own.

The gauge-eared “Southie” is an obvious outcast among the six fresh-faced, athletic All-Americans he shares space with: Robb and the house’s other feisty redhead, Laura, bubbly La Toya, blond party girl Marie, charming Swift and hunky Trey. They sport some body art — both Robb and Marie share the same unoriginal “Hakuna Matata” ink — but Brandon’s body is covered in tattoos.

They’re not enough to camouflage the scars on his inner arms though. After he opens up about his history of cocaine, heroin and alcohol abuse to Swift and Laura, she asks what they’re from.

“They’re from … exactly what you think they are,” he responds candidly.

All the roommates bond quickly with one another, although Laura quickly breaks Brandon’s heart by flirting with Trey. But one of them might feel a little too comfortable at their new home: Swift announces that someone (ewww alert!) has left a “13-inch log in the toilet.” Later, Laura makes a shocking confession to Trey: She was the one who forgot to flush.

But the show’s most alarming moment once again concerns Brandon: His roommates read his journal (privacy is hard to come by on reality TV) and find a very disturbing entry: “Kill me, kill me, kill me, I want to die” scrawled across a page.

“I don’t know if this guy’s suicidal … if he not only causes harm to himself but also to others,” wonders Trey.

Swift adds, “Honestly, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. … I don’t want there to be an iceberg beneath all this, but I really think there is.”

Do you think the roommates are overreacting? How do you feel about this season’s cast?

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