JessicastroupTuesday (Dec. 4) night’s Reaper made me feel sad about all of the episodes we wasted on Sam-n-Andi. All hail Sam-n-Beelzebabe.

[If you look under the scalp of this recap, you may see the numbers "666," the sign of the Spoiler Beast.]

I know that if you look long enough and hard enough, you’ll find ‘shippers praying that just about every conceivable on-screen duo will go from friends to more-than-friends. I’m not interested in searching for them, but I’m guessing there are Sock-Josie, Sock-Ben and even Sam-Satan ‘shippers out there, but can anybody really say that they’ve been rooting for Sam and Andi to get together since, say, the second week of the season? And I ask that as somebody perfectly fond of Missy Peregrym…

No, I was just amazed by how much better this week’s episode flowed thanks to the chemistry between Bret Harrison’s Sam and Jessica Stroup’s Cady, the cutie who may or may not be the Spawn of the Devil. Sam-n-Cady were effortlessly appealing together and there’s an underlying and ongoing tension involving her paternity (she initially claimed to be the daughter of one of the "News" [of "Huey Lewis and the…" fame]), but we didn’t have to deal with a single second of "How am I going to tell the woman I like that I’m the Devil’s bounty hunter?" We can get to that later, assuming Stroup sticks around (it appears that she’s the opposite of Ned from Pushing Daisies, in that her random proximity thing seems to kill goldfish and flowers), but I’m all for any relationship that lets Harrison be less morose.

It helps that Stroup is utterly adorable and the character has been written as the kind of gal who will strip naked in a hot-tub to earn the trust of her boyfriend’s buddies (assuming they follow suit) and also bring a dead pet to a date in a red felt-lined mini-coffin. She didn’t encroach on any of the week’s main plotlines, which also helped.

Missyperegrym_reaper_240And actually being separated from Sam behooved Andi as well. No, she didn’t have much to do, but seeing Peregrym play vaguely jealous was more interesting than seeing her play vaguely aloof, week after week. Plus, we saw hints that Josie and Andi are finally beginning to realize that their male associates have been acting mighty weird for the past 10 episodes.

This week’s details:

Soul[s] o’ the Week. We’re not giving Reaper any points for maturity this week, since Sam and company were asked to go after bank robbers named Johnson and Huang (pronounced "Wang"). Get it? Johnson and Wang? Subtle. Anyway, they stole $10 million, killed each other out of greed and then escaped from Hell and started spending. [Part of me wants to point out that a robbery that took place 14 years ago couldn’t have scored $10 million in New Big Face Benjamins (first printed in 1996), but that’s the same part of me that figures that the serial numbers probably would have been recorded anyway.] Possession of said money allowed Ben to buy a shiny gold track suit ("You have never looked faster.") and Sock to repurchase a collection of Josie’s possessions that burnt in a fire he started. The souls also led us to learn new things about Ted and his former gambling addiction on a trip to one of those underground card parlors that have been popping up everywhere on TV this season.

Vessel o’ the Week. Just a simple metallic lighter. And the lighter worked exactly as one would expect it to, sucking up the soul. When they only collected the first escapee, we got to see that Gladys at the DMV has the ability to reject souls if they don’t meet standards. I also liked the way they set up the final payoff when Johnson could pass through walls, but his jewelry couldn’t.

The souls and vessel weren’t necessarily the season’s best, but the episode was packed full of funny dialogue, so I’m just gonna list a few of my favorite lines and turn the floor over to you, faithful readers.

Some Sock Zingers:

  • On the money: "I was going to get naked and roll around in it, but I didn’t shower today and I didn’t want to get it dirty."
  • Sam and Sock on his purchases: "What did you guys buy?"
    "Health insurance… A platinum belt buckle."
  • On his expectations for his gift to Josie: "I am trying to make amends, Sam. And if she chooses to thank me in a naked or partially naked way…"
  • Learning that the 666 thing predated The Omen: "They stole that? Why can’t anything be original anymore?"
  • Admitting that the money had already gone to his head: "I had sort of planned on buying a record label and not letting you guys in on it."

    Non-Sock Favorites:

  • Cady, on her poor track record with pets: "My backyard’s like a pet cemetery."
  • Satan, impersonating Cady: "I like to walk around naked most of the time, feel the air on my skin. You know what else I like to do? When I really get in the mood, I like to bite the heads off live chickens." [And adding, after revealing himself to Sam, "Admit it. I totally hosed you."]
  • Satan, on Cady: "Hey buddy, I tapped that gene pool It’s a bust."
  • Ted, after seeing Ben getting them into the gambling den: "Nobody told me you were allowed to bribe."
  • Sam, promising Cady she isn’t related to Jerry: "I’d stake my life on that."

    What’d you think of the episode? Do you like Cady? Did I leave out any good lines?

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