carlton cuse the returned aande gi 'The Returned' coming to A&E with Carlton Cuse adapting 'Les Revenants'A&E has greenlit a 10-episode series called “The Returned,” which tells the story of a small town and what happens when several long-dead residents suddenly …

Wait, doesn’t that sound an awful lot like that French show “The Returned,” which aired on Sundance last fall to fantastic reviews? And for that matter, ABC’s drama “Resurrection”?

Well, yeah. A&E’s “Returned” is in fact an adaptation of “Les Revenants,” which Sundance retitled for American audiences (and which will be back for a second season later in 2014). The adaptation comes from Carlton Cuse (“Bates Motel,” “Lost”) and Raelle Tucker (“True Blood,” “Supernatural”) and is set to begin production in the summer.

“‘The Returned’ has the potential to be one of the most compelling drama series on cable, thanks to phenomenal scripts written by Carlton and Raelle,” says David McKillop, general manager of A&E. “We look forward to seeing their vision brought to life on screen.”

For the record, while “Resurrection” tells a similar story, it’s not connected to “Les Revenants.” It is, however, based on a novel by Jason Mott titled “The Returned,” which only makes things more confusing.

Posted by:Rick Porter