Helen plots her destructive plan in Season 1 of The Returned

There may be a lot more dead people in Caldwell if the Season 1 finale of “The Returned” is any indication. 
In the closing seconds, Simon (Mat Vairo) is returning to the valley town when he gets a premonition of the dam breaking and flooding everything in sight. A few blinks later he realizes he imagined the whole thing — but he clearly takes it as a sign of what’s to come and rushes down the mountain to warn everyone. 
Was it a premonition a la “Final Destination” or just Simon’s mind playing tricks on him? 
The vision seems more legitimate after Lucy’s (Leah Gibson) latest message from the dead, who tell her to warn Rowan (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) to listen to Simon’s warning when he comes back — because Rowan is carrying his child. 
The premonition also gets weight from the disturbing intel Peter (Jeremy Sisto) receives from a Chicago reporter who is investigating the reports that people from the dead have come back to town. She tells him that these aren’t the first reports she’s heard of — but in all the other previous cases, the towns where the other stories took place also completely disappeared soon after the dead started coming back. 
It’s also telling that Simon’s vision is of the dam breaking and water flooding the town — which was Helen’s (Michelle Forbes) plan. However, Helen wasn’t able to pull it off. A mysterious wind blew out the flame of her match before she could light the dynamite and she’s left stuck in the tunnels, unable to do anything. 
Who blows up the dam in Simon’s vision is not the only question remaining for “The Returned” Season 2. How did Rowan get pregnant with a supposedly dead man’s baby? How did Victor (Dylan Kingwell) get out of the hospital and what is he up to now that he’s on the loose? Is Camille (India Ennenga) some sort of succubus if sleeping with Ben (Keenan Tracy) killed him — or is it a curse for coming back from the dead? And still, why is she the only child from the bus crash to come back? 
Most importantly, can everyone come together to save the town or will they continue down their own destructive paths into oblivion?
Posted by:Megan Vick