leighton minka roommate 'The Roommate' review round up: Critics say it's pretty and predictable

Lock up your belongings and lock your door because your creepy roommate will probably be getting all kinds of creepy ideas from the new film “The Roommate,” which opened Friday, Feb. 4. Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly star as two college co-eds who are assigned to room together. The two start out as BFFs before Rebecca (Meester) goes all single white female on Sarah (Kelly).

We’ve been excited for this movie ever since the first trailer was released because it seemed like the perfectly campy horror flick. You know, the kind that’s so bad it’s good? Plus, the movie is chock full of eye-candy for both genders, including a full line-up of CW stars: Nina Dobrev, Aly Michalka, Kat Graham, Matt Lanter and more.

Reviews have starting rolling in and let’s just say they haven’t been too positive. Make that not at all positive. Mostly, critics are calling the film “predictable” and calls the cast pretty. Here’s what some reviews are saying about “The Roommate”:

“It all leads to the inevitable violent showdown that will seem like
deja vu to anyone who’s ever watched a late-night cable thriller.

Although Meester manages a few creepily intense moments in her Jennifer Jason Leigh-inspired role, the rest of the cast get by mainly on their looks.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“A studied, almost frighteningly thorough duplicate of 1992’s “Single White Female.” From the premise to nearly all of the subsequent, predictable story beats, it’s as if the makers of “The Roommate” had their own vicarious obsession. Only Meester brings the slightest trace of something fascinating to her
role. When she smiles, it’s perfectly located between a sweet display
of affection and a snarling warning.With few scares and minimal characterization, “The Roommate” is really just a far-below-par thriller that desperately wishes it were a different movie – Entertainment Weekly

“A waste all around of young, attractive actresses, Los Angeles locations and the time of anyone unlucky enough to sit through it. Without
tension or suspense, the film is too gloomy and chaste to be a naughty
exploitation picture but also too brainless to work as anything more
real.”The Roommate” proves that the one thing worse than a crazy, stalker roommate is one that’s boring, predictable and no fun.” – Los Angeles Times

“We could not possibly care less.” – The New York Times

Will you be seeing “The Roommate” this weekend?

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