salahis white house getty The Salahis beg for invites to White House State dinnerThe emails between the (alleged) party-crashing Salahis and Michele Jones, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense White House Liaison, have been obtained by “The Today Show.” Highlights below…

]]>By the way — I know for a fact these persons are unable to attend the state dinner and the reception portion: 1.) Senator Harry Reid & his wife ( they have gone home early for Thanksgiving)
2.) Kuma Gupta and husband ( unable to travel to DC tomorrow)
3.) Bob Stevens and his wife ( Top Brass from Lockheed Martin)

First of all, we love the free-wheeling nature Salahi has with spacing and capitalization. Secondly, how come both husbands are possessive of their wives and yet Kuma Gupta just has a husband? Finally, how does Salahi know the plans of these people? This is kinda creepy. Salahi goes on to talk about the USA-India polo match that is being hosted on the DC National Mall next year. He is the captain of the US polo team and seemed to think that warranted him an invite to the White House State dinner. Full text of the emails can be seen here. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for all your movies, TV and celebrity news Related Salahi dish Party crashers insist they were invited 
Salahis allegedly tried to get into Presidential box at Inauguration 
Michaele Salahi pretended to be a Redskins cheerleader

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