tsc adam is awesome 'The Secret Circle': Adam falls out of love with Cassie, becomes instantly 100% more awesomeWe’ve said it before — for a romantic lead, “The Secret Circle’s” Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker) was… well, excruciatingly boring. Luckily, last week, the romance went out the window, and apparently the wet blanket went with it.

Now that a potion has forced Adam to completely fall out of love with Cassie (Britt Robertson), he’s lost that angsty, nervous, superior edge… and he’s not only tolerable again, but he’s kind of awesome. In the new clip from Thursday’s episode, he even has a little fun with his friends.

Yes. Adam Conant. Having fun.

When Melissa and Faye eye the same guy, Melissa drafts Adam to stir up some magic that will help her defeat Faye and her cleavage of doom. We always love when the Chance Harbor teenagers use magic for typical teenager things, as opposed to, you know… using it to go back in time and watch their parents’ brutal murders and stuff.

Okay, so it’s also really fun to watch Adam indirectly hit on the entire boys’ hockey team.

Excuse us, we have to go remove “TEAM JAKE” from our Facebook profiles. We’ve had a change of heart.

Tune in on Thursday at 9 p.m. EST to see the Adam Revolution begin.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie