secret circle casting picks 'The Secret Circle' scoop: All the insider information on Kevin Williamson's new pilot“The Secret Circle” has quickly become The CW’s most-buzzed about pilot in recent weeks. First, “The Vampire Diaries” co-creator Kevin Williamson came on-board to write the pilot script and executive produce. The hype only increased when “Life Unexpected’s” Britt Robertson was cast in an unknown role.

Zap2it has obtained casting sides for the supernatural show, which centers on a young girl moving to New Salem, Maine, and learning she is a member of a secret coven of witches. She is also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle of good versus evil. You know, typical teenage girl problems.

Here is a list of characters featured in the sides. We also compared their description in the sides to their book counterparts. Don’t say we never did anything for you:

Cassie Blake:
TV: Forced to move to New Salem to live with her grandmother when her mother dies in a tragic accident and she doesn’t know who her father is, which she is sensitive about. She finds her mother’s spellbook and clues in pretty quickly to the weird occurrences around her. She isn’t as shy as her book counterpart. Described as “oddly cool.”

Book: Shy 16-year-old who moves to her mother’s hometown of New Salem. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. She’s not totally secure in her looks, but others are quick to see her beauty.
Casting suggestion: We’re assuming Robertson will play Cassie. She’s perfect for the role.

Adam Conant:
TV: Diana’s boyfriend, Adam is the one to tell Cassie the history of the witches in New Salem and the two have a great back-and-forth conversation, constantly challenging each other.

Book: 17-year-old who has been Diana’s boyfriend since childhood and forms an instant connection with Cassie the first time he meets her. He is tall and strong with auburn hair and deep blue-gray eyes.
Casting suggestion: This is one of the toughest picks for us (besides Faye), but we’ll go with Nico Tortorella just because he has been on The CW before (granted it was “The Beautiful Life:TBL”) and he’s cute.

Diana Meade:

TV: Described as smart, sexy and a classic beauty, Diana, 18, immediately befriends Cassie and is her first friend. Cassie likes her and thinks she has a good heart. She is dating Adam, which bums Cassie out. She and Faye clash over Cassie.
Book: 18 years-old and known for her undying kindness, Diana is the leader of the coven, much to Faye’s chagrin. (Faye and Diana are cousins in the books.) Diana befriends Cassie immediately and the two become like sisters. She is tall and thin with long, light blond hair and deep green eyes.
Casting suggestion: Sigh… if only Dianna Agron wasn’t on “Glee.”  And if only Alona Tal was younger. 

Faye Chamberlain:
17-years-old and stylishly sexy, Faye is curious about the new girl and doesn’t appreciate Nick’s interest in her. She can play “the danger card.” She and Diana have never gotten along.

Book: 17-years-old, she is Diana’s cousin and rival. Faye is powerful and wants to be the leader of the coven. She picks on Cassie on her first day and school and doesn’t relent until Diana steps in. She is described as tall and voluptuous with pale skin, golden-honey eyes and long, jet black hair.
Casting suggestion: Katie Cassidy, but we’re pretty sure she’s beyond the high school genre. Perhaps “TVD” alum Kayla Ewell can step into Faye’s wicked shoes?

Nick Armstrong:
TV: In the sides, Nick,17, seems to be the school drug dealer as he is seen taking money from two freshmen in the hall. He is Cassie’s neighbor and the two seem destined to have a love-hate relationship.  

Book: 17 years-old, Nick is called “the iguana” by the girls in the coven. He comes off cold, uncaring and rebel without a cause-esque. He’s attractive with brown eyes and hair. He likes to work on his car. A lot.
Casting suggestion: “10 Things I Hate About You’s” Ethan Peck

Doug Henderson:
TV: Not much other than he is part of the coven and a football player. He is seen making a football spin on its own in class.

Book: Doug is tall with wild blue eyes and blond hair. He has a twin brother — Chris — who is also a member of the coven. He likes heavy metal, roller blading and blowing things up.
Casting suggestion: “Pretty Little Liars'” Chuck Hittinger.

TV: 17 years-old and African-American, Melissa is close with Faye and a member of the coven. She is steely and disinterested… at least in the school’s hallway.

Not in the books
Casting suggestion: Keke Palmer. Palmer can carry her own show (“True Jackson VIP”) and at 18, she is probably looking for a more adult (OK, young adult) role.

Sally Waltman:

TV: A 16-year-old African-American who is the junior editor of the school paper. She’s a dubious outsider who shows Cassie around on her first day and immediately takes a liking to her. She doesn’t like Faye and Melissa and tells Cassie to avoid them. 

Book: Class president who doesn’t like the coven (known as “the club” around school), especially Faye. She’s short and slight. Her hair is described as frizzled and overpermed with “a rusty cast.”

What stood out to us:

Our favorite scene? A Nick and Faye sex scene where after it’s all said and done they, um, rate each other. Naturally, we love it.

We also really liked a cute moment between Nick and Cassie where they both are in their bedrooms (they are neighbors whose bedrooms face each other) and he holds up a sign asking “R U OK?” We swooned a little bit. Yes, we’re aware it comes straight out of a Taylor Swift music video and we’re okay with that. Clearly, they are making Nick much more accessible in the series.

Other standouts included a stand-off of sorts between Faye and Diana (we already love the power struggle there) and the witchcraft talk between Adam and Cassie, who shows she’s not willing to back down. She has some great sarcastic one-liners in the scene as well. 

Changes  from page to screen:

The coven is smaller: Fans of the Henderson twins, look away! In the books the coven is compromised of 12 members, which has been reduced to seven in the TV series. We expected this to happen as it would be pretty hard to introduce and fully develop 12 different characters — in the coven alone. The coven members in the book who didn’t make the cut? Chris Henderson, Deborah Armstrong, Sean Dulany, Suzan Whittier, Laurel Quincey and Melanie Glaser. It’s still unclear if these characters will show up in a different capacity on the show.

Melissa is a new coven member created for the series who we’re assuming might have some of the qualities from Deboarh, Suzan, Laurel and Melanie.

Cassie’s mom: While Cassie was forced to move from California to New Salem by her mother in the books, her mother only appears in the sides in voice-over as she died in a tragic accident. Cassie discovers her spellbook, which happens to have the last names of the coven members on its cover.

Faye’s mom: We didn’t see muc
h of Faye’s mom in the books, but in the series she will be the high school’s vice principal Dawn Chamberlain. She is described as a beautiful red-head in her late 30’s and seems to have her own agenda. Even though we love her on “Nikita,” we think Melinda Clarke would kill this role.

Location: While the book was set in New Salem, Massachusetts, the TV series will be set in New Salem, Maine.

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