john de lanice 'The Secret Circle' casts John de Lancie (aka Q) as Chris Zylka's grandfather“The Secret Circle” better watch out, because the Elders haven’t given up on them yet. Dawn and Charles may have been able to murder Henry, run Kate out of town, and incapacitate Jane, but they still have Elders to worry about, starting with Royce Armstrong.

Yes, Jake’s (Chris Zylka) reclusive grandfather is going to emerge from hibernation (or wherever he’s been hiding all this time) — and he’s played by “Star Trek’s” John de Lancie, better known as the ominpotent, enigmatic Q.

It’s about time Royce show up to intervene. After all, he’s already lost his son and daughter-in-law and one grandson. He’s got some theories about what happened on that boat 16 years ago when his son died, and he’ll definitely have something to say about the present-day circle as well. We’re curious to see what he knows about the boat fire, particularly given Ethan’s still unexplained involvement.

Expect to meet DeLancie’s character in Episode 19, which airs the first week of April. The casting was first reported by TV Guide.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie